Parapharm – Manufacturing pharmaceutical company.

From ideas to pharmacy shelf.

Mission of the company is maintenance of health and improvement of quality of life of people by creating and introducing medicines of new generation.
Parapharm has been rewarded for the contribution to strengthening the health of nation with many Russian as well as foreign medals and diplomas.
Idea – Conception – Receipt – Choosing Raw Materials and Preparing Documents – Laboratory Investigations – Technology Elaboration – Registration - Clinical study – Serial Production – Positioning – Distribution – Marketing

We produce:

Bioactive Food Supplements:
BFS “Okomax”, BFS “Sustavin”, BFS “Greenton”, BFS “Trioson”, BFS “Trioson Plus”, BFS “Sedativ”, BFS “Rhodaskon”, BFS “Ginseng”, BFS “Rhodelim”, BFS “Shizandra”, BFS “Echinacea”, BFS “Kan-Jang”, BFS “Herbasprin”, BFS “Gasterol”, BFS “Rastoropsha”, BFS “Laminaria”, BFS “CardioHerb”, BFS “Red Wine Extract”, BFS “Veintone”, BFS “Cystophit”, BFS “Melbrosia”, BFS “Mumijo-Mov”, BFS “Selentin”, BFS “Korda”, BFS “Spirulina”, BFE "Slimactive day, night", BFS "Manactive", BFS “Vitaderm”, BFS Phyto-tea, BFS Syrup, Phyto-salts, Creams.

Аномальное лето

23-24 мая 2011г в Ганновере прошел Международный конгресс «Евромедика-2011», c участием компании «Парафарм».Доклад Генерального директора Везиришвили М.О. «Аномальное лето» вызвал огромный интерес участников форума.

Our production basis “Vitamer” carries out the whole cycle of production:

production of steady forms (capsules, tablets)
packaging in contour cellulated packing (blisters)
packaging in polymeric containers and strip
pounding and packaging of particulate materials (in sachet packs, polymeric containers);
phyto-tea production
filter-packages manufacturing
syrup production
cosmetics (creams, balsams)
phyto-salt enrichment