Parapharm – Manufacturing pharmaceutical company.

Contract production
We guarantee exact fulfilment of the given task and high quality of products.
Vitamer” provides the following services on contract production:
development of bioactive food supplements receipt;
registration and certification.
manufacturing of BFS of the following types: tablets (oval, flat, spherical, with separating line), capsules (capsules of different shapes are used), granules, syrups, phyto-teas and cosmetics (creams, balsams), phyto-salts; packaging in contour cellulated packing (blisters of different sizes); packaging of capsules and tablets into polymeric containers of different sizes; packaging of particulate materials (in sachet packs, polymeric containers); forge-rolling.
We render services on contract production to different companies. Among our partners are:


Private Labeling preparations for “Pharmacy Network 36,6”

We are open for collaboration!
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