Parapharm – Manufacturing pharmaceutical company.

Elaboration and production of bioactive food supplements - main line of work of company “Vitamer”.

Bioactive food supplements are produced using modern technologies which provide precise dosage of active substances and their maintenance in production. Natural subsidiary components are used.
Productive activity of the company:
• creation of new product idea;
• development of bioactive food supplement receipt;
• registration and certification.
“Vitamer” develops and applies in industry high quality bioactive food supplements, which are balanced according to the quantity of biologically active substances, of the following types:
•  tablets (oval, flat, spherical, with separating line),
• capsules (capsules of different shapes are used),
• powders,
• syrups,
• granules,
• phyto-teas and cosmetics (creams, balsams),
• phyto-salts.
Production facilities of “Vitamer” enable us to carry out the whole cycle of production:
manufacturing of bioactive food supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, granules, syrups, phyto-teas;
manufacturing of cosmetics (creams, balsams), fortified salts;
packaging in contour cellulated packing (blisters);
packaging of capsules and tablets into polymeric containers;
pounding and packaging of particulate materials (in sachet packs, polymeric containers);

“Vitamer” closely collaborates with other Russian and foreign companies on contract manufacturing of products of companies like: 

•  “Makiz-Pharma” (which is a member of Strata group),


“Pharmacy Network 36,6”,



“Irma International” etc.

We are open to collaboration!

We give recommendations to our customers on receipts, choosing form of raw materials, provide with documentation on all BFS components.