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Protection against Environmental Negative Impacts
M.O. Vezirishvili, Parapharm CJSC, Moscow
        The man has run into anomalous phenomena not for the first time. Lately the conditions such as industrial pollution, emissions, anomalous natural phenomena, etc. have been constantly accompanying people.
       Of course the world science works on creation of the system to protect human health in such situations.
       Certain mechanisms of pathological affections caused by environmental impacts have been discovered, methods of body protection have been developed. Therefore, the available, reasonable and effective natural products are of the most interest.
     Preservation of health in emergency situations depends primarily on the following factors:
* how different people respond to negative impacts is determined first of all by a person's adaptive capacity,
*the most effective protectors of almost all physiological systems of human body in extreme periods are antioxidants,
* and, finally, preservation of health is associated with a healthy liver excreting toxic substances from the body.
     All these characteristics are possessed by the plants referred to the group of phenolic adaptogens.
      Numerous researches have convincingly proved that adaptogens enable a person to overcome unfavorable factors such as extreme heat, cold, exhaustive physical exercise, hypoxia and other environmental negative impacts.
     The priority area of Parapharm activities is development and production of products based on natural poly- phenolic adaptogens. This group includes:
·        Rodelim
·        Rodakson
·        Schizandra
·        Ginseng.
All products are made from standardized extracts in accordance with the patented technology.
The company has conducted own researches, including its participation in space programs, preservation of working capacity under high physical load, keeping attention during long-term and monotonous operator activity.
     These very products were in excess demand in the extreme summer 2010.